Do the prices for accommodation involve per person?

Yes, they represents the price per person which include accommodation, breakfast/ lunch/ dinner, Daily art workshops and equipments, excursions in Art Camp programmes and boat tour. If you prefer to stay alone in en-suite rooms or bungalows by yourself, then you must pay extra 1500TL for it.

Do you have electricity in arbours?

Yes, every arbours have sockets and lights.

Who can take advantage of student prices?

Who studies in primary education, high school, associate degree, licence, they can benefit from student prices.

How can i get to the camp from Dalaman Airport?

There are regular HAVAŞ and MUTTAŞ bus rings between Fethiye bus station and airport which takes 1 hour.

How can i get Kaya Village Art Camp from Fethiye?

When you go out from Fethiye bus station (in front of the Teknosa, Akbank) there are local minibuses in every half an hour which passes entrance of the camp. If you have any trouble about this issue, you can contact us then we can help you.

What are the differences btw small room and standart room accomodations?

Both pension accomodations include private bathrooms and categorized by their interior designs.

Any lower or upper age limit applied?

No, just we can invate people under 18 with their parents.

kayaköy art camp

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